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About Justin

Justin Cunningham is a self-confessed tall poppy who seeks to help businesses and business owners bring out their inner superhero.

Justin has a long history of bravely dealing with his fears, from bashing his body bloody in competitive skateboarding on ramps around the world to travelling internationally by himself to test his rhyme skills in the mecca of Hiphop – New York.Through this journey he discovered many other people with various talents and skills were holding themselves back from their true potential because they didn’t want to stand out and say something powerful.

As an experienced sales trainer, business coach and marketer with a background in creating behavioural change Justin likes to help businesses manifest their best traits and value and tell their story in a way that is impossible to resist. In life we seek safety to
survive but in business we must embrace standing out and being unique to elevate performance and to become market leaders. Through a life of standing out and being unreasonable to get unreasonable results, Justin share those lessons with clients to helpthem achieve results that had previously seemed out of reach. If you would like to create positive change in your business –
Justin would love to support and guide you to success.