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Creating, Connecting and Delivering Results

This Is Our Story

I support business owners to step away from transaction, activity focused day to day operations and get them to focus on the 20% of true transformative activity that delivers the goals they actually seek. This enables business leaders to afford more help, and to do more high yield work, get back precious time and deliver the freedom and rewards business owners dreamt of when they first created their vision.

To stand out and be found you must have a unique value proposition to position yourself as a leader in your field. I help businesses develop this to make their messaging, offers and positioning become magnetic to their ideal customer.

Once that is established I produce content that will create trust, and establish thought leadership. This content is then put in to a staged process to develop rapport and emotional connection that leads to a natural curiosity of how your service or product could support my goal or remove my pain.

This leads to a qualified sales opportunity where trust is established.

I then work with the business to create a staged sales process that is reverse engineered to created a consistent high converting outcome.

Namely – steady, maximised sales results.

This enables more accurate sales forecasting, quicker on-boarding for new staff and scalability for business owners who have established a winning culture but want more reward from their years of toil.

Aside from this I use behavioural science to support established businesses to adopt new beliefs to achieve new outcomes, and ways of doing things.

This combination of belief, behaviour and implementing reverse engineered success systems creates radical transformation that delivers in a measurable way.

Campaign Development85%
Sales Funnel Development95%
Sales Process Development85%

Where I Learnt To Transform

Skateboarding, Hip-Hop & The Study of Success

  • 1977

    Skateboard Champion

    Under 12 skateboard champion

  • 1987

    Fall in Love With Hiphop and Start Rapping

  • 1990

    Skateboard Demo with Tony Hawk

  • 2003

    #1 Song in NZ

    Released my debut album and had a #1 song

  • 2003

    Launched First International Rap Battles

    NZ v Australia

  • 2004

    Perform Music With Black Eyed Peas and Metallica

  • 2007

    Commenced studies of world leading Direct Response Marketers

    Including Dan Kennedy, Brendon Burchard, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson

  • 2009

    NLP certification

    NLP Practitioner & Transforming Communication Instructor

  • 2012

    Work With Leading B2B Sales Process Company

    Launch LMS education programme and largest B2B events featuring world class international sales thought leaders

  • 2013

    Launch Justin Cunningham Online

    Launch worlds first resultant agency, dedicated to engineering marketing and sales end-to-end success systems, and compelling content.

  • 2014

    Post Graduate Dip Marketing

    First in class for e-marketing

  • 2015

    Studied under Jay Abraham

    Jay Abraham's nickname is 'The Billionaire maker' and his focus is on the strategy of pre-eminence

  • 2016

    Studied under Todd Herman

    Completed the '90 day year' course on optimum results achievement with Olympic mindset and performance coach Todd Herman

  • 2017

    Move to Melbourne Australia

    Move head office to enable expansion of Justin Cunningham Online worldwide

Business Owners Edition

The Tools To Transform

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