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Attract & Convert Tv – Episode 4 – Setting up a nurture sequence

Getting slow movers to trust you to make a buying decision

Steps to accelerate the slow movers

Trust is developed by showing intent, integrity, capabilities and results.

If you can show all of those things in your content you will accelerate your sales conversion.

In this episode of Accelerate by Attract & Convert TV we show you the simple steps

Click on the video below to learn what you can do to make it happen


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Attract & Convert TV – Episode 3 – Creating a Tripwire offer

Getting inactive customers to buy

How do you get people who always seem to look but don't act - to buy?

When we send out newsletters and offers there are always a fair amount of people who pen the email but don't take action on  our call to action.

How do we get them to stop sitting on the fence?

In this video we look at a very effective direct response marketing tactic that gets people who are still non-committal to purchase.

Click on the video below to learn how to do it​


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Attract & Convert TV – Accelerate – Episode 2 – Give to receive

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Why Sales Training and Coaching Fails





Have you ever been at a sales training course and thoroughly enjoyed it, only to find a few weeks later you have forgotten most of it?
Have you ever been to a business coach and found whilst you were inspired you haven’t had an increase in your results? In this day and age it seems […]

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Rise of the Resultants

Why do small businesses attempts at improving sales and marketing fall short?
I have seen many businesses fall in to the following traps, and I wanted to show you the reason why things can fail you.

Have you ever done a Sales Training Course- and then struggled to remember and apply most of it?

Have you hired a Coach […]

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Keep it Simple – Feb 4 – Video blog

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Poppa got a brand new bag!

Welcome to my brand new site and blog. We specialise in transforming small business sales lead and sales conversion. Keep posted on these blogs for more free sales and marketing awesomeness

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