Growth Hacks – Getting more results and more time by doing less

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So you want more sales, and customers but you’re tired of the spiel and the hoopla and the tech stuff and the jargon..and you have NO time!

I get it, no I really do.

Juggling loads of stuff in your business can seem overwhelming.

So, lets get to it.

First. Activity does not mean results. If you want results, do not measure your effectiveness with activity – simple. Every hack I will show you is about a measurable change in results NOT about being busy.

Hack #1 – Getting more results and more time by doing less

Todd Herman of ‘The 90 Day year’ has a great little time hack to defeat¬†Context Switching that he learnt from Agile project management.

Quite simply this is the anti multi-tasking hack.

Why? Because multi-tasking doesn’t work and sabotages you finishing what you set out to do, and feeling accomplished.

Here’s a metric example of multi-tasking’s inefficiency as it pertains to context switching.

if I have 100% of my time, and I decide to do two things how much time have I dedicated to each task?

50% right?

Actually, no, there is a time element we didn’t factor in. The time it took to switch jobs. According to the context switching model it looks like this.

As you can see by the time we get to 4 or 5 jobs we are basically achieving next to nothing. Ouch!

Now you can see why you can be super busy and feel like you got nothing done.

Ok, I hear you say – so what is the answer?

The answer is to look at your top 5 functions in your business and dedicate one day to each.

When most business owners hear this they balk. ‘How can I possibly just do one thing with customers and staff members needing my attention?’

Initially it’s challenging, and you will need to be disciplined and learn how to delegate, outsource and keep focused.

But heres’ the thing – when you focus for a whole day on converting or getting sales leads you feel accomplished and your sales grow. When you focus for one whole day on talking to your best clients and hearing their needs and feedback you get new opportunities that turn in to sales. When you spend one whole day creating content to help you stand out you feel affirmed and you can get a whole months marketing done.

Bottom line you get more done, you increase your results and you feel like you are moving forward. But, best of all you end up doing less and you go home feeling like you really achieved something measurable.

For me I do the following:

Monday: Marketing

Tuesday: Sales

Wednesday: Product development

Thursday: Client appointments

Friday: Finance and reporting

Not every week looks like this, but this has helped me learn how to smash out a large amount of work and have way more time to focus on high yield activity and things I want to do.

I recommend you try it and stick to it for 30 days. You will be amazed!


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