Why do small businesses attempts at improving sales and marketing fall short?

I have seen many businesses fall in to the following traps, and I wanted to show you the reason why things can fail you.

Have you ever done a Sales Training Course– and then struggled to remember and apply most of it?

Have you hired a Coach or Mentor that all sounds good, but doesn’t seem to change your results?

Have you hired an Accountant that gave you advice but no How information to change your money situation?

Have you used a Marketing Agency and had some results only to see  all your marketing momentum subside?

All of these things are very common due to two key things –

  1. You don’t get held accountable to perform (do) what you have learnt
  2. You are not exposed to the ‘How’ information that takes advice and turns it in to a measurable result for your ongoing success

Without new learning and advice being reinforced, repeated and being followed consistently we are prone to forget and to miss key information and steps to succeed.

As a sales trainer previously I have seen many people return to work excited but have failed to increase results long term as their managers