This workshop is desiged to help your marketing stand out and your sales offers convert

Superhero Workshop

Being a superhero to your tribe of customers is abut understanding their journey, their pains and their ambitions, and then delivering the solution in your language, in your offers, in your service, and in your culture.

This creates an actual unique position in the market that is very difficult to lose, and leads to people wanting to choose you – before you even asked.

This half day workshop defines, designs and maps that.

Customer Research & Avatar X-ray

Customer demographic definition & behavioural understanding as it relates to your service product to ensure your language and offer are connecting with your ideal customer

Competitor Analysis & SWOT

SWOT (Strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats) & competitor analysis to assess the market, our opportunity in it, and how to differentiate ourselves to be front of mind with customers

Sales Funnel Mapping

Map & optimise the stages of your attraction through to conversion, in regards to marketing.

Sale Process Design & Optimisation

Map the stages of your online and offline sales process to optimise efficiency and conversion to sale

90 Day Action Plan

Action steps to create results in the next 90 days that will deliver on your objectives