Have you ever been at a sales training course and thoroughly enjoyed it, only to find a few weeks later you have forgotten most of it?
Have you ever been to a business coach and found whilst you were inspired you haven’t had an increase in your results? In this day and age it seems information is everywhere but achieving real results stemming from information is another thing entirely.
Hence you need a consultant that will ensure you get results. What I like to call a resultant.
One of my business associates, Warwick Russell at Smetric identified with this so much he changed his whole business model to deliver on the promise of results.
He comes from a charter accountant background and could see his clients needed more than a financial assessment and advice, they needed a plan and a ongoing accountability programme to change behaviour to change results.
The same can be said for sales and marketing. If you are not working with a supplier who will ensure you get results to grow your business now and for the future – with proof, you should reconsider the value you are truly getting.

Do You Measure the Four Golden Measures?

Do you measure the 4 keys to sales growth to ensure your business is growing?

9 times out of 10 business owners that I ask have no idea about their marketing to sales ROI, or for that matter have marketing analytics.
If you were a gardener you know you need rain, nutrients and seeds to grow plants to get flowers or fruit.
The same can be said for sales. You must have a focus on acquiring quality sales leads, converting those opportunities in to a transaction and then nurturing that relationship to get more reward. Yet without measurement and without a weekly focus you will not get the reward you feel you deserve.
So In short measure the following weekly:
Sales leads created: Captured contact details of a sales prospect
Leads converted: Sales prospect that made a transaction with you
Average sale: What is the average sale and how can it be increased
Frequency of sale: How can you strategically increase the quantity of sales per client?

I’m Looking For 10 Startup Businesses Who Want Sales & Marketing Education, Support and Training…Is That You?

I have constructed a 6 month programme for startups that will save you money, increase lead attraction and customer conversion and will reduce the time you spend on sales and marketing so you can do more delivery of your services and products.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn why you are not getting attention from your ideal clients, and how to fix it
  • You will learn how to optimise every sales opportunity, rather than always chasing new customers
  • You will be taught how to set up a smarketing system that optimises your marketing and sales results with optimised tools and sales funnel accelerators
  • You will learn transformative partner building techniques to multiply your audience size

Some Of The Things We Will Do In Month One

  1. How to define your superhero business idea and your super powers
  2. How to stand out and appeal to your ideal customer through better understanding
  3. How to attract customers to you consistently like bees to pollen
  4. How to convert even difficult prospects to sale with clever persuasion and offer design
  5. How to keep your customers coming back and buying

How This Programme Is Different

In this programme we will implement learning together and I will get you to report on results to ensure you are getting results
We will be doing coaching, we will be doing training, we will be doing 1 on 1 work together. We will also work as a group to stimulate growth. Success is created by 10% learning, 20% application of learning and 70% real world action.
You will be essentially engaging a business performance partner and a powerful peer support for 6 months.
You will also get access to my 30 day startup online course

If this sounds like you then email me here

Have a great week-

With all my gratitude,